Hop Hosiery is preparing for launch!

Hop Hosiery is preparing for launch!

We’re excitedly getting prepared for launch in 20 days on this early Valentines morning. Our website is complete, we have our stock and now we’re just counting down the days till we go live on the 5th March.

This is our first business venture and it’s been an exciting 6 months building our website, working to find the right manufacturer, understanding all the numerous delivery options and getting familiar with the vast array of social media outlets we have available to us all today beyond looking on pinterest for the best looking green smoothie for our Monday morning attempt to have a healthy week than last.

One of the main talking points of the past few months has been why? Why a flexible tights subscription, admittedly this question comes more from our male friends and jeans dedicated ladies in our lives but it’s a great question. So why exactly did we decide to bring Hop Hosiery to life?

Our founder managed to fall into a career which required her to travel a lot for work. She lived in skirt and dress suits around 99% of the time, the other 1% being when she found herself without tights. Her role went from travelling in the UK to travelling across Europe, not as glamourous as most would like to imagine, which consisted of very early Monday mornings on the Eurostar and therefore trips to buy tights most weekends.

The idea of Hop Hosiery came in early 2015 when lacking time to ‘pop to the shop’ she went online to do some tights bulk buying. The sheer range of tights was overwhelming, the website from her favourite store for tights stocked over 150 different types. Needless to say, she didn’t buy any as couldn’t decide which ones to buy.

At the time she had just subscribed to having a monthly box of beauty product delivered to her home address and went online to see if anyone did a similar service for tights… moments later Hop Hosiery was born.

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