The Secret Behind Kate Middleton’s Legs

The Secret Behind Kate Middleton’s Legs

Kate’s legs and that enviable wardrobe of dresses to boot are famous but how does she get those gorgeous glossy legs? Kate has previously been vocal about her fondness for sport which is no doubt the main reason for her svelte legs, however when it comes to official events or days out when she’s bound to be captured by the press she’s always in a trusty pair of natural looking sheer tights to give her legs that healthy glossy look. Note – not matt, not glossy but sheer barely there natural looking tights.

We wish we could declare Kate a member of Hop Hosiery but she’s not, clearly she just hasn’t heard of us yet, given how often she’s in tights she definitely could do with a subscription to her door. Maybe one day she’ll join us.

When we launched Hop Hosiery we had numerous people ask us “but what will you do in summer when people don’t wear tights as much?”. These people clearly have super stunning perfectly formed hairless legs with a tint of colour at all times or don’t like in skirts and dresses throughout the summer. Most of our customers who maintain their subscriptions throughout summer switch over to skin toned tights and increase the frequency at which we send their Hop Box. We all know that sheer tights don’t last as long as the trust opaque black ones we dedicate ourselves to throughout the autumn and winter months, hence the frequent trips to the shops on a weekly basis to stock up.

Anyway, we could give you tips on how to get Kate’s gorgeous legs, play tennis, include squats and lunges in your routine at the gym and eat foods good for the skin such as avocado, coconut oil and walnuts, hell why not rub coconut oil on your legs, that’ll give you a good glow. But for that polished finish, try our natural denier 20 tights or barely there tights in denier 15 in your perfect skin tone.

Note if trying coconut oil on your legs, don’t do it at the same time you intend to wear tights…not a good look!

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