Top Five Subscription Boxes for Professional Women

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Top Five Subscription Boxes for Professional Women

The struggle is real girls! Make your work life balance easier with these top 5 subscription boxes.

Subscription boxes have been a revelation for many busy professional women, allowing them to have everyday essentials and indulgent treats delivered to their door without them having to disrupt their schedule. Here are the top five subscription boxes for professional ladies:

1. Graze

Graze was perhaps one of the first subscription services to take off – and for good reason! The service delivers healthy treats to your doorstep or your place of work regularly, so ladies never have to make a 3pm dash to the vending machine or the local coffee shop when they need a snack at work. All of the snacks are delicious and good for you, plus there’s plenty of variety – choose from green teas, dried fruit, nuts, gluten-free cakes, chips, salsa and even popcorn.

2. Book and a Brew

Every professional woman needs some downtime now and then. Book and Brew sends out packages every month containing a top-selling, must-read book, as well as a premium tea to enjoy while reading. This subscription box is ideal for women who are told they ‘never stop’ – it allows them to take some ‘me time’ and refresh before they return to their working environment.

3. Sip and Learn

Sip and Learn is a wine subscription box that’s ideal for the weekends and the days off. Every month, subscribers receive two bottles of wine from independent producers, as well as tuition guides to help them learn more about different types of wine. For those who always wished they could impress clients with their knowledge of wine, this is the box for you!

4. Bloom and Wild

Fresh flowers can brighten up any home – but not all women have the time to head down to a florist’s in the evening to pick up some blooms. Bloom and Wild delivers beautifully packaged flowers to your doorstep every month, so you can always come home to a fresh, bright, floral treat.

5. Hop Hosiery

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without the tights subscription service, Hop Hosiery. Professional women in all trades and industries spend much of their working life wearing tights, whether sheer or opaque. This subscription service delivers packs of tights to subscribers’ doors at specified intervals, so they’ll never find themselves picking up dodgy orange sheers on the way to work, or retrieving tights from the laundry basket because their last clean pair have laddered!


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