Up your 9-5 game with our tips for a feminine yet professional office look

cashmere jumper leather pencil skirt

Up your 9-5 game with our tips for a feminine yet professional office look

How to Dress Feminine Yet Professional For the Office.

Up your 9-5 game with our tips for a feminine yet professional office look.

Your working wardrobe will speak volumes about you in the office before you even say a word. Just like any environment, dressing sloppily or inappropriately can give the appearance that you don’t care much about your work, or that your job isn’t your top priority.

Many women also feel constricted by office dress codes – but looking feminine and professional aren’t mutually exclusive. With a little know-how, you can accomplish both! Here’s how:

Stick to a neutral colour palette

If you go overboard with neon brights or pastel colours, you might not be taken seriously in the office or the boardroom. Your main working palette should be fairly neutral – think black, white, navy, cream, charcoal and beige. If you want to add in other colours for a feminine touch, try a pair of soft pink heels, a fierce electric blue bag, or a slim belt.

Try tapered pants, rather than suit pants

Suit pants for ladies are often quite baggy and not very flattering. Opt for cropped or tapered pants for a more stylish look. The little flash of ankle will make your legs look longer, and the look feels much fresher and more modern than traditional ‘power suits’.

A-line skirts are a great alternative to pencil skirts

Pencil skirts are great for looking professional and feminine – but they aren’t the most comfortable garments in the world. Many women feel restricted in pencil skirts – so if your job involves a lot of walking between offices and meetings, an A-line skirt is a great alternative. It offers a lot more freedom to move without compromising on that feminine yet professional office look.

Always, always, always wear tights

If you’re wearing a skirt or tailored dress for work, always wear tights, no matter what the weather or the occasion. It ensures your ensemble looks more ‘put together’ and will ramp the professionalism up a notch. Opaque tights are great for keeping warm in winter, and sheer tights will give your legs a sun-kissed overlay for the summer.

Dress up casual pieces

Not all offices and workplaces require tailored suits. A cashmere jumper thrown over a stylish shirt, with a pencil skirt, would certainly work as a business-casual look. Ladies’ pinafores are coming back in with the 1960s trend, and these also make for a great casual look, especially when paired with a natty patterned shirt underneath. If your workplace is slightly more relaxed, you’ll have room to play – but always veer on the side of ‘business’ rather than ‘casual’.

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